Shtyle Designer Program FAQ

What is the Designer Program? users have rooms and avatars on their profiles which can be decorated with virtual items. The Designer Program enables graphic designers to sell virtual items they design to users through the Shtyle Shop.

Why should I participate?
The Designer Program gives you the ability to sell items to millions of users. The earning potential is limitless.

How much can I earn?
You set the price of items you design in Shtyle Coins. When users buy items you design, Shtyle shares a percentage of the revenue with you. The amount you get paid per Shtyle Coin is fixed each month and posted in the Designer Center dashboard.
There is no upper limit on how much you can earn. The more items you sell the more you earn.
Example: You list an item for 50 Shtyle Coins. The amount paid per Shtyle coin to the designer for the current month is USD 0.005. If 1000 users buy your item you will earn: 1000 X 50 X .005 = 200 USD.

What kind of items can be sold?
- All items have to be pixel art.
- Room items are in isometric view. There may be exceptions where non-isometric items fit well, and may be considered.
- Shtylie (avatar) items (clothing, hair etc.) are NOT isometric.
- Copyrighted items or items which may infringe on copyrights may not be sold unless you have licensed them.
- Items depicting nudity, sexual/obscene gestures or poses, cruelty to animals, drug use and extreme violence may not be sold.

When will I be paid?
Payments are sent on a monthly schedule. Earnings for a particular month are finalized and paid at the end of the following month. For example the amount you earned from March 1st to March 31st is paid to you on April 30th of the same year. This allows us to process chargebacks and disputed transactions.

How will I be paid?
Currently supports payment only through Paypal. Please check and update your Paypal address on file before earnings are due.

Apply for a designer account (You will need to login/register on first).